Duncan Wong

Duncan Wong

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VIRAYOGA™ (Be Your Hero) 

VIRAYOGA™ is a flow therapy practice based in the Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) with hand and foot mudras (base structure) technology that informs us both how to feel our alignment and power. Class includes movement, mantra, meditation, aromatherapy massage and free photo sequence manual.




Duncan is the inventor of VIRAYOGA™ (Yoga For Heros), and creator of the globally recognized YogicArts™ system. As a respected teacher's teacher, his work has positively influenced many of the new generation teachers in the world today. His Japan community stands 10 years strong and the Tamisa studio creators and teaching community are among his first students and teacher graduates in Japan.

3 Questions

・今の世界でヨガはなぜ必要だと思いますか/Why is yoga so important for the times we’re living in?

 In an imbalanced mechanized world practices like yoga may be our only hope for creating an organic balanced lifestyle that will support others to change their lives and make a global shift to world peace and universal power. 9)

・ヨガを教えていて一番価値があると思うことはなんですか/What is the most rewarding part of being a yoga teacher?

To see people view themselves and the people and world around them differently. Like watching child grow into a powerful happy person, as a father and a teacher it is the same for me with my kids and students. We are all yoga family! 

・今までヨガをしたことがない人へメッセージ/A message to people who have never tried yoga before.

Now is the best time of your life to discover the exciting path of yoga and the lifestyle of awareness and care in all aspects of life that this practice supports. Welcome to the path of yoga. Show up. Keep showing up. Let your practice become the best part of your day!


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ヨガスタイル/Yoga Style

VIRAYOGA (Yoga For Heros)


English / Japanese for Yoga Anatomy